What Can We Offer You

ICC provides a range of services to meet all the needs of our gaming customers. We will provide you with knowlegable staff to give you the best advice on which game or console to buy to suit your gaming needs.


We specialize in pre orders which are cheaper if ordered at least a week before (2 weeks for the bigger games). All pre orders arrive on release date and if ordered from our website will be posted to arrive on release. 

We Offer Free Delivery On Orders Over €35 To Malta & Gozo!


We also take trade ins when buying a new game we will give you half the price the game is worth new from our agents. We reserve the right to refuse any games which are scratched or not relevant anymore because a newer game has come out,.


For all your Gaming Needs head over to ICC, 109, Geronimo Abos Street, Iklin and we will make sure to give you the best prices and above all the best service and advice you can get. We will make sure you will never be disappointed!

Tel:  21419296 / 79704357

ICC, 109, Geronimo Abos STreet, Iklin, IKL 1020

VAT NUMBER : MT 1719-4326​​

  • Knowledgeable advice about anything gaming related.
  • Free Delivery For Orders Over €40 To Malta and Gozo!
  • We accept Trade Ins.​
  • Xbox Live and Psn Codes Sent Within 1 Hr.
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